Teb's Lab
A curious human who just wants to watch the world learn.


Ideas and Education About Software


Teb’s Lab is focused on making technology more accessible, teaching technology topics, and focusing the use of technology on the betterment of society. At the lab we believe that the world is multi-disciplinary. That the best version of the future is built by a wide variety of people with different skills, backgrounds, and ideologies. I am always searching for connections between the sciences, the humanities, law, politics, and all of the other threads that tie humanity together.

We write to inspire, we teach to find inspiration, but above all else we hope to spark a more enlightened and informed conversation about software and its continuing impact on the world.

Enjoy, and never stop learning.


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The Lab writes about the social implications of software and other emerging technologies including: machine learning, cryptocurrency, anonymity, encryption, surveillance, cybersecurity, and more.

We aim to illuminate and enlighten readers in a world of obfuscating jargon.

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Open Source Education

At Teb’s Lab we believe the power of programming should be available to everyone.

These educational materials—which have been released to the public domain—are our contribution to the world in pursuit of this goal.

At Teb’s Lab, we aren’t great at capitalism. We relinquish many of our intellectual property rights to the public domain because we think that’s good for society. To keep the lights on we sell our writing, publish articles behind Medium’s paywall, and do some contract work on the side. We also have a Patreon account. Becoming a patron confers benefits like access to some private Github repos, access to the members-only Slack channel, and access to paywall protected Medium articles.