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Corporate Training & Public Speaking

I am a professional educator and public speaker focused on software, computer science, and technology's impact on the world. I specialize in communicating clearly about complex topics. In the classroom and the stage I bring “boring” and “dry” technical subjects to life with dynamic lessons and impassioned presentations. Regardless of the topic, I always strive to help my students and audiences understand what something is, how it works, and why they should care.

Plus, you can hire me!

Classes and Workshops:

I can teach a class based on our existing educational materials or build and deliver a custom course based on your specific needs. I believe that effective education requires the students to put new concepts into practice: My classes are focused on dynamic lessons and practical exercises. Students will make the abstract concrete by writing code, drawing diagrams, discussing topics with their peers and with me, and other hands-on work. 

Class Details:

I can teach a wide variety of courses and workshops within the following parameters: 

  • Class length can range from single-day workshops to multi-week courses.

  • I offer in-person and remote courses (via Zoom).

  • Preferred class size is 8-20 students for in-person, or 8-40 for remote.

  • Skill ranges from absolute beginner to skilled practitioner.

I am focused on foundational courses with practical applications. While I will absolutely use specific technologies in order to elucidate a particular topic, I will not teach courses exclusively about the minutiae of a particular technology, library, or framework. For example:

  • We will teach:

    • Introduction to Deep Learning (using Keras), 

    • Introduction to Web Development (using JavaScript and Node.js),

    • Introduction to Programming (using Python).

  • We will not teach:

    • Introduction to Keras,

    • Introduction to Node.js,

    • Introduction to Python.

Subjects I Can Teach:

I have experience teaching courses and workshops in a variety of programming topics, including:

  • Programming Fundamentals

  • Web Development

  • Deep Learning

  • Software Security

  • Databases

  • Data Structures and Algorithms

  • Computer Architecture

  • Computer Networking

If you’d like a course outside of those subjects, but still focused on software or programming, feel free to ask. I’m always learning new things and I absolutely love being paid to expand my mind. I promise to be candid about my own skills and limitations regarding such requests — everyone loses when a teacher tries to fake it.

Public Speaking:

You can hire me to speak at your conference, event, or just because it’s Tuesday. I will create an educational and thought provoking presentation that challenges and inspires the audience. I will deliver it with enough enthusiasm to capture the attention of even the most exhausted attendees. For educational lectures see the above list of topics. For other presentations read my latest essays to see what’s been on my mind.

Watch me give the closing keynote at Code BEAM SF 2019 to get taste of my stage presence.


Exact rates will depend on the specifics of the workshop, class or speaking gig. Generally speaking, I set my rates in order to pay myself $150-$300 / hour. The specific rate will depend on the topic, class size, audience size, travel requirements, and other factors. 

Get In Touch:

To request a consultation or quote send me an email (teb@tebs-lab.com) . Please include the phrase “work request” in the subject, and provide a short description of the workshop, course, or speaking opportunity in the email body. I strive to respond to all requests within one business day, but I am also a solo operator with limited time. If you have not heard back from me within three business days feel free to nudge me with a follow up email.

Student Testimonials:

“I worked with Tyler during my 6 month web development program at Galvanize. He was incredible, to say the least. He explained topics easily that I had struggled with for years. Every day was engaging and fun and I always enjoyed the multiple hats (actually!) he wore during class. Tyler clearly cares about teaching junior engineers and their success in the workplace. After the program, I landed a full time engineering job in SF making 6 figures - Tyler was absolutely essential to my success.”
-Courtney O’Donnell, Web Devleopment

I’ve taken a lot of computer science classes, and Tyler brings the material to life unlike any other instructor I’ve had. His infectious energy and encyclopedic knowledge of CS foundations make for an interactive and participatory classroom. I didn’t think computer architecture concepts like assembly languages or logic circuits would ever seem shiny, but Tyler’s curriculum surprised me and had me making time outside of class to dig in further. Could not recommend his teaching highly enough.” 
- Ginny Fahs, Computer Architecture and Computer Networking

I learned more than I ever thought possible in Teb’s class. Through passionate, clear explanations in language I could understand, Teb patiently met me where I was and dramatically helped me level up my understanding of computer architecture. By the end, I was excited to share my enthusiasm for the topic with others. Thanks!
- Ariel Fogel, Computer Architecture

"Tyler's approach breaks down what are certainly complex systems, down to their simple parts in a way that make them less intimidating. His passion for technology oozes out of him when he instructs, and that passion helps to apply meaning to the subjects he teaches. This ultimately helped me remember everything he taught, and continues to be what I look for when approaching the new technology I come across in my work on a regular basis."
- Arian Flores, Web Development

“Tyler is the modern day Bill Nye for Computer Science - when taking a class with him you'll laugh, learn, and be inspired to delve deeper into the wonders of whatever subject he teaches. His enthusiasm for algorithms couldn't help but rub off on me, and I remembered more than enough from his networking class a year later to land my current job!”
- Xander Peterson, Data Structures & Algorithms and Computer Networking

"Tyler is an exceptionally curious and energetic human who brings an enormous passion for teaching and learning into the classroom. He inspires students of all levels to approach difficult problems and supports them on their learning journey." - Michelle Berry, Computer Networking