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A curious human who just wants to watch the world learn.


About Teb’s Lab



A curious human who just wants to watch the world learn.

Computers play an increasingly important role in our lives across a wide spectrum of issues. From genetics to astrophysics; from signal processing to medicine; from the news we read to the people we date; from spreading propaganda to laundering money. Computers have clearly changed the world, and will continue to do so. At Teb’s Lab we are focused on software and its overlap with other disciplines. I have a bent for science, but I want to create a place that brings a broad community of people together. Industry developers, researchers, teachers, and artists all have important skills and unique ideas that can enrich the conversation about software. I believe the real magic happens when people with lots of different ideas and backgrounds come together.

I am a writer, educator, speaker, programmer, and all around curious human. I believe in trying to make the world a better place by working together. If you are interested in collaborating with Teb’s Lab pitch me at teb@tebs-lab.com

-Tyler Elliot Bettilyon